Q: In 1990, my father gifted 65 acres of land to me. This year, I had a survey done and the land was actually just over 65 acres.

In 1990, the land was appraised at $334,000. It’s worth a lot more today.

I want to sell 30 acres. On Sunday morning, I heard your radio show and you mentioned to a lady that the capital gains tax was based on your income.

Let’s say I get $35,000 per acre and my average income is $35,000 per year. How or where do I find out how to figure the capital gains tax I would pay?

By the way, I mentioned your show to my son (he’s a student at Georgia Tech) and he knew who you were right off. Good show. Thanks for the help.

A: If you sell 30 acres at $35,000 per acre, you will likely be paying capital gains tax at the highest rate — 15 percent plus your state tax. Your accountant or tax preparer can run through the numbers for you.

Thanks for listening — and thanks to your son for listening. He sounds like he has a good head on his shoulders already.

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Sept. 25, 2006.