Do you take your dog with you on vacations?

Some hotels are dog-friendly. But increasingly, it’s harder to find places that welcome your shaggy pup with open arms. Most dog owners I know put their dogs in a kennel while they travel.

But not just any kennel will do. My friend Ellyn takes her pup to something that sounds like canine heaven, where the dog run is the place to hang after the day’s activities.

Like Ellyn, many dog owners have discovered the delights of doggie spas and doggie suites. The New York Times reported on the phenomenon in their Sunday paper, revealing that dog owners are now spending up to $200 per night for the best doggie suites, and a day of activities, including swimming, hiking, biking and doggie-friend down time. For an extra $25, your dog can eat filet mignon.

For dogs, if you can’t go on vacation with your owner, the Four Seasons of dog hotels might not be a bad choice.

With practical, informative consumer advice, I’m Ilyce Glink, News-Talk 750 WSB