How do you know what is the true condition of the home you want to buy? Well, you could rely on the seller’s disclosure statement, or the industry knowledge of your real estate agent.

Or, you can order a CLUE report. CLUE stands for Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange, and it’s a compilation of the past five years of losses filed against an insurance policy on a piece of real estate.

What can you find out? Well, you might find out that the home has a history of mold remediation. Or, that the basement once flooded. Or that part of the house burnt down and was rebuilt.

With insurance companies getting pretty darned picky about who they’ll insure, buying a house with a history of mold problems can mean you’ll never be able to buy a solid homeowner’s insurance policy. Better to know now, than later.

You can order a CLUE report on a house for just under twenty dollars at

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