Do you know what you have in your house? I mean specifically, do you know how many chairs, tables, beds, couches, pillows, sets of sheets and comforters?

I was thinking about this over the weekend as I talked to my neighbor whose basement was one of 400 homes in my neighborhood that flooded in a recent downpour.

As he carted out the moldy furniture, carpet and toys to the curb, I realized that if a catastrophe strikes, the only way to prove what you had in the house is by having a list of every single thing in your house.

Quicken has come out with a Home Inventory Manager product for under $30 that allows you maintain a record of household possessions in order to back up a claim. You can even drag and drop scanned images of photos and receipts into your file to back up your claims.

For $10 per year, you can back up your list online.

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