Are you nice, or just sort of nice? The answer could affect your success in the business world.

While the business world seems to thrive on malice, power struggles and overpaid executives, a new book suggests that the real winners, financially and otherwise, are those who are truly nice.

In their book, THE POWER OF NICE, authors Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Koval describe how they’ve created a nearly $1 billion business by being nice not only to their employees and clients, but strangers on the street.

They believe that positive impressions are like seeds. They grow and deliver in ways you’d never expect. If you’re kind to everyone, you never know if a stranger on the street will be the one to deliver a huge payback financially. Treating all employees well means they’ll be inclined to help you down the line when they’re more successful.

But my favorite piece of advice from the book is this: Negative impressions are like germs, infecting everyone around you.

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