Q: Your recent article on how to spruce up your house to sell was super! I am an agent and just listed a 2-bedroom condo that needed sprucing up. I spent under $1,000 and actually did the shopping for my sellers.

I got large plants, new bedding, towels, kitchen details including place mats, a small rug, and a few holiday whimsical pieces. The change, thanks to the stuff I bought and the de-cluttering we did was dramatic! You gave excellent advice to all sellers (and agents). Thank you!

A: I’m glad you found the advice transforming. Let me know when you’ve sold your home.

Note: A couple of weeks ago, a woman wrote in wondering how her home’s value would be affected if she took out a bathtub and replaced it with a shower. I’ve had dozens of responses, and I’ll run a few in next week’s columns. Do you think a bathroom is “missing something” if it doesn’t have a bathtub and a shower? Email me at Ilyce@thinkglink.com.

Published: Jan 2, 2007