Q: What does “active-print license” mean when it is referring to the status of a real estate broker’s license?

A: A real estate agent or broker must be licensed by your state in order to do business. A license is generally either active or inactive. In some states, it may also be canceled.

Before working with an agent or broker, you’d want to make sure they are licensed to do business in the state in which you live. That means they have taken and passed the required examinations, filled out the appropriate forms, and paid the required fee. For the license to remain active, agents and brokers in most states must fulfill continuing education requirements that are designed to keep them intellectually engaged and up to date in a changing industry.

Most, if not all, states require that the broker that holds an agent’s license display a printed version on the wall of the office. If you go into a local real estate brokerage firm, you can ask to see an agent’s license.

Jan. 29, 2007.