Four more days until your tax return is due. If you’re sure you can’t get it done on time, or your accountant is booked up past April 17th, you have the right to file for a 6-month extension.

According to IRS officials, getting an initial 6-month extension of time to file your taxes is automatic. You’ll need to file IRS form 4868, which you can download from the IRS’s website, But you’ve got to file this form, which is also available in Spanish, by the April 17th due date.

Although you can delay filing your return, you can’t delay making any tax payments that are owed to the IRS. So, be prepared to write a check to the IRS for the amount of taxes you think you’ll owe.

If you live abroad, or if you’ll be abroad when your 6-month extension is up, or if you’re serving abroad in the Armed Forces, special extension rules apply. Go to for details.

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