Top-selling real estate agent Gloria Matlin talks about how she works with buyers and sellers and why she loves to sell real estate.


On Cam

Graphic: What is your favorite part of working with buyers and sellers?

The relationships we build. They tend to be long term. They tend to be repeat business. I get to know their families. They get to know my family and it turns into a fun experience.

Graphic: What kind of homework do you give your clients?

The first thing I do is send them out a questionnaire whether it’s a buyer or a seller and I try to find out how their lifestyle is. Their families, what the dynamics. what they do during the day. What their activities are. If they have pets? Do they have cars? Do they need to drive to a train station? Do they need to have access to certain services that are out there in a neighborhood?

Graphic: Why is buying a house so stressful?

It’s probably the most expensive transaction you are ever going to have in your life. It is emotional because of the moving process of packing up and throwing away and moving back in and unpacking and it can be hard on the family. I try to make it easier for them. We try to make this a fun experience.

Graphic: How are people buying homes in 2007?

They are searching every Web site possible. They’re looking at interior shots. They’re looking at floor plans. They’re looking a little bit at newsprint but mostly it’s all Internet-based.

Graphic: Why do you like what you do?

I love what I do because I see happy faces and when I’ve made somebody happy I’m happy.