Q: We purchased a newly constructed home and the builder failed to advise us of a water pressure problem. After 6 months of fighting with the local water company, the water company installed a booster pump in our home at no charge to us.

We have had no ability to water our lawn, and the builder refuses to reseed. We have had no use of any outside water whatsoever. Do we have any recourse?

A: If you had had a professional home inspection done prior to purchasing your new home, that may have picked up the problem.

It’s fair to say that every home should have a minimum amount of water pressure and if your home did not meet that level, the home builder should bear responsibility for the problem. If, however, the problem with the water pressure is caused by a problem with the local municipality, the builder should have dealt with that problem prior to the sale.

Now, if your builder is refusing to help out, you may have to explore your legal options. Please talk to a real estate attorney about your situation and what remedies your contract provides.