Secrecy is another warning sign of possible identity theft. When someone asks you to keep a deal a secret it may be a sign that it’s a scam. To prevent identity theft steer clear of secretive schemes.

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I’m Ilyce Glink with Expert Real Estate Tips dot net.

You know when you get an offer for something that’s too good to be true one of the things that goes along with it is that you have to keep it a secret.

Scam artists and con artists don’t want you to spread the good news around. They don’t want to share the good news with too many people.

What they’re really trying to do is cut you off from lines of communication that can help stop you before you make a big mistake. It’s always about the opportunity you don’t want to let get away.

Always about the big secret that you don’t want to share because you don’t want anybody else to get in with you. When you hear words like this you should know that you probably being scammed and to protect yourself and to protect your identity you’ll probably want to say no thanks and take a pass.

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