Work-at-home schemes are costly — to the victim. These schemes often promise fast, easy money for little work. Instead of working from home and earning money, your identity is stolen after you provide personal details to the scam artist.

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I’m Ilyce Glink with Expert Real Estate Tips dot net. You know, when I started telecommuting 20 years ago, nobody knew what that was. Today, many Americans are working from home.

More people however would like to work from home than there are jobs available and that’s why work from home scams have appeared and why they’re taking advantage of so many people.


Work at home schemes often promise fast easy money for little work. They can also result in identity theft. What kind of scams should you watch out for?

A classic work from home scam is when someone promises to pay you 10 dollars an hour to stuff envelopes from home. All you have to do is send in some money to get started.

If anyone promises that you can work from home and get rich beware, and if they ask for personal information like bank account numbers, your Social Security number, credit card information, pin numbers or any other kind of personal information, contact your local police department.

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I wish I could say that there was a job that you could do from home and make good money but unfortunately, most of the work from home offerings out there are simply scams to avoid.

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