Q: Some time ago, I wrote a letter to you asking your opinion about selling our property in Florida. Since the real estate market is down, I would like to sell it on a “Lottery” system.

My idea is to sell it with an ad that says: “Own this home (furnished) for only $500.” I would sell 400 tickets but each entry must be accompanied with an essay of 100 words on a subject like “What life means to me”. The essays would be read by three responsible people and they will select the best essay as the winner. Do you see any problem with this idea?

Since I do not have access to a computer, I am using my daughter’s. A response would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

A: I’m sorry that you’re having trouble selling your property. Unfortunately, selling a house by lottery is illegal in almost all states. Some states allow lotteries of homes but these lotteries are generally organized by churches where the proceeds of the sale benefit the charitable organization. For further details on what is permitted, please contact the state of Florida.