Q: When I was going through bankruptcy about 5 years ago, I quit claimed my name off of my property with my husband to avoid having the house taken. Now some years later, I want my name back on the property but my husband and I don’t know how to do it. Can you help?

A: You would do it exactly the same way as when you quit claimed your name off of the property before. Your spouse would sign a quit claim deed transferring ownership of the property to you and your spouse. You’d get that document notarized and file it at your local recorder of deeds. You may have other forms to fill out, particularly in states that have taxes on the transfer of deeds and you may have to pay a fee to your local municipality to transfer title of the home.

But in general, a deed transferring title from your husband to you and your husband along with the other required forms should be enough to get title of the home back in both your names.

I have a lot of information about quit claim deeds on my website, you might want to read more about quit claim deeds and what other people have done in the past when they have transferred title to their homes.

July 21, 2008.