Planting a container garden involves several steps. First, you need to choose what type of container you want to use. Basic container choices include ceramic, terracotta, metal, wood or even baskets. The most traditional choice when planting a container garden is terracotta.

Filling your container with potting soil is the next step in planting a container garden. Don’t just use dirt from your yard when planting a container garden. Potting soil mixes sold at garden centers contain special formulas for nutrition and drainage. Fill the container almost to the top when planting a container garden.

Next place your plants in the container. Tease out the roots to make sure they’ll absorb plenty of moisture when planting a container garden. Place the roots four to six inches below the lip of the container. When planting a container garden, you should think about the design of the container. Taller plants need to go in the middle, and planting flowers that spill over the edge of the container creates a nice effect.

The final step in planting a container garden involves securing and covering your plants with soil so that none of the roots are exposed. Unfortunately planting a container garden means maintaining one as well. Water your container garden and make sure all the soil settles in around the plants.

After planting a container garden, part of the maintenance involves "deadheading." This term refers to the process of removing spent buds. You’ll want to pinch out the dead bloom in your container garden. This will encourage more new blooms and keep your container looking as attractive as possible.

Planting a container garden also means you’ll need to water it daily. If you’re planning a trip, make sure you have someone you can trust to come over and water your plants.

To keep your container garden looking fresh throughout the season, replace dead plants with fresh ones. Another tip for planting a container garden is to add branches to your container. This will add a touch of spring to any container garden.

July 30, 2008.