There are dozens of different electronic gadgets on the market today, many of which companies design for use with a television. Unfortunately, most televisions have a limited number of video input plugs. The video switcher was created to solve the problem of having to unplug and re-plug your multiple devices.

RTcom USA manufactures several different levels of video switchers designed to fit any set of electronics. One video switcher works with a home theater system, stereo, DVD player and even video games. Often, to switch from using the DVD player to a video game console, people have to get behind the television and switch out the cords. With a video switcher, people can simply press a button to change inputs, or they can even use a remote control with high-end models.

Setting up a video switcher is easy. Simply connect the video switcher’s out plug to the input plug on the back of the television with a coaxial cable. Then plug all of your devices into the video switcher. After you set up the video switcher, changing between electronic devices happens with the touch of a button.

The cheapest video switcher available from RTcom USA will let you plug in two additional devices. It retails for $50. The largest video switcher accommodates four additional devices and costs $199. The three and four source video switchers come with remote controls, and the four source video switcher can be used with a home automation system.

Joon Ryu, owner of RTcom USA says, “There is a lot of different sources coming out of the market every month or every six months, so we don’t know what’s going to be happening in the next few months. The digital market is really starting right now so we don’t know what’s going to come out.”

With a video switcher, if you decide to buy another piece of electronic equipment, it’s easy to connect it to your television through the video switcher.