I’m filling in for Herman Cain tonight on Newstalk 750 WSB. We’re going to be talking about the economy, the insane number of jobs that were lost yesterday, today, and since the start of the year, and how to preserve your money.

Liz Handlin, president of Ultimate Resumes, will join me at 7:30pm EST to chat about how to write a terrific resume and how to put your best foot forward when interviewing. Here’s are are some of her suggestions for writing a resume and interviewing.

  1. When it comes to writing a resume, leave subjective stuff off and instead include specific, quantifiable accomplishments. Read more at this ultimate-resumes.blogspot.com/2008/11/leave-subjective-statements-off-your.html.

  2. When it comes to interviewing, carefully research current company news before going into your interview. That means doing a Google search, reading press releases and news articles so that you are aware of any recent changes to the company before you interview. This will allow you to discuss them coherently with your interviewer, and determine whether recent changes make the company a good fit for you. Virtually all companies in all industries are going through times of unprecedented and rapid change and interviewees need to be on top of the news.

For more of Liz’s great information, check out her website ultimate-resumes.com/.

Jan. 27, 2009.