Q: I purchased a home in Georgia on a land contract 1 year and 10 months ago (2/99). I am paying P.I.T.. I have yet to rec. a property tax statement or impound statement from my lender, or any type of accounting of the monies paid, although I have requested it several times. Don’t I need to file this information in my tax returns each year? How can I compel them to supply me with this info? What are the legal issues I should be concerned with?

A: Call or pay a visit to the county assessor’s office and request a copy of your tax bill. They can check to make sure it has been paid by your lender. If not, then you need to take it up with your lender immediately.

It’s very important to make sure that your property taxes are always paid and paid on time so that your house isn’t subject to sale for back taxes. That’s a mess you just don’t want to get into. You could lose your home.

So take it upon yourself to always check up on your lender. No one cares about your house as much as you do.

Jan. 1, 2004.