Q: I am a young person interested in real estate investing . I just got my Georgia real estate license as real estate agent and, I was thinking on buying a course from Carlton Sheet. I wanted to ask you if his course is as good as he proclaimed it to be. I wanted to know if there is any complaints against him. If my purchasing the course from him is a wise decision?

A: If you put Carlton Sheets name into any search engine, you’ll come up with about a million people who love him and a million people who hate him. I think you shouldn’t spend that kind of money to get good information on owning and managing rental properties. Instead, log onto www.inman.com and find Bob Bruss’ stuff. He personally owns dozens of rental properties and offers various inexpensive brochures on the process. Check out “The Millionaire Real Estate Investor” (on my website) and Bob Irwin’s books on owning and managing rental property.

The best way to learn is to thoroughly understand the process and the numbers. After that, it’s easy.

Jan. 1, 2004.