Q: I enjoy listening to you when Clark is away. You give valuable information. I did not get to ask you this question yesterday, so I am trying this morning. My husband is interested in real estate investing. He wants to have this as our means of monetary support. He is already attending some seminars, but I want to know more about the business before I dive in. Can you point out some books, web sites and give some advise on this subject?

A: I like the Millionaire Real Estate Investor and any of Robert Irwin’s books on the subject (he’s written about 50 books!). Check them out at my website, at www.thinkglink.com.

As for investment seminars, you’ll learn more by studying the market in the area in which you plan to make investments. Limited partnerships as a rule don’t make money except for the general partner. If you decide to purchase real estate as an investment, please hire a competent real estate attorney to help you with the paperwork and find an agent you trust to scout possible deals.

Jan. 1, 2004.