LETTER 2: I keep getting email telling me I can work from home and make thousands of dollars. I also got a letter from someone in Nigeria offering me a million dollars if I would give them my bank account number so they could deposit $10 million. Do you know anyone who has ever done these things? Are they legitimate?

ANSWER: Wouldn’t it be great if someone would give you a million bucks simply for lending them your bank account to park some spare cash? But think about this for a moment. It just doesn’t happen every day and that’s because it’s a scam. The FTC has investigated and found out that if you give your account number, it will be emptied electronically faster than you can say “Boo!” As for the working from home scam, you have to send in money for a booklet telling you how to get other email addresses so you can get other unsuspecting citizens to send you cash. Neither of these things are legitimate. Take a pass.