Q: On a recent show you did for Clark Howard a caller mentioned a web site or group that he used for doing work on his home. He was very pleased with the work and you said something about liking the fact that they did not require money before doing the work. This was a service the gentleman had access to through some other membership. I cannot remember the name of the service or the membership he had. I believe this call was during the week before Christmas.

We are new to the area and have a home that needs to be “freshened up” (painting, carpeting, etc.). We also have a little plumbing work that needs to be done. We are checking with our new friends in the area but this service sounded like something we should check out.

Can you help me with name of this service or membership? Or if you have suggestions I would appreciate hearing those as well. We are not handy people and need all the help we can get!

A: The caller said he found it through Sam’s Club. The Clark Howard team has NOT checked this out, but I generally find that Sam’s club does offer great deals on automotive services, etc. Please check it out thoroughly before you use any service.