Q: I have a small business in Chamblee Ga. My 5 Guys are great and I expect to keep them for a long time. I want to do a simple IRA so everyone can have a retirement plan. I have read most of the rules and understand how they work.

Is it possible or just to much trouble to handle this ALL myself? I just opened a Tiaa-Creff (growth and income) Roth for myself and I like it a lot. Vanguard index 500 I was in till three weeks ago went down TIGIX went up. I have not found a MSDW online or a Stanley DW that handle this fund. I was looking at a Government site and it seemed so simple and no reporting or filing requirements. Could I do this Myself? One of the best things is the low starting cost and fees. What other options should I look at or mutual funds should I consider or offer? Thank you for a response.

Q: You can do a SIMPLE IRA yourself. Check with a financial institution like Fidelity Investments or Charles Schwab. I know they offer SIMPLE IRAs because I checked into them myself. Also, they offer loads of investment opportunities for your employees.