Q: I was cruising around I-285 contemplating the plight of a first year law student looking for a summer job in real estate when…Glink was filling in for the Clarkmeister on the radio! Do you have any tips for this Emory Law student about finding a summer real estate gig in the ATL?

A: If you really want to know about real estate, see if you can get a job working as a paid assistant to a top real estate agent in Atlanta.

While the job may not pay much, you should get an eye-opening experience watching a top-notch agent work his or her magic. The juggling act alone is probably worth the price of admission.

While most agents are looking for a long-term assistant, someone might well be interested in having a highly intelligent assistant, particularly if you take a real estate class at night (with the idea of getting your license before you even graduate from law school).

Hope this works out for you. And, thanks for visiting www.thinkglink.com and listening to Newstalk 750 WSB.