Q: I worked with a wonderful agent while trying to buy a home. The purchase ultimately fell through — through no fault of the agent’s.

And the same agent has helped me find a great rental as a short-term alternative.

I realize that she lost out on a relatively large commission, since I ended up not buying the house (the rental fee will go to the agency, not my personal agent).

What is an appropriate gift or gesture to show my appreciation for all her hard work and guidance?

(P.S., she does not drink, so a nice bottle of wine is not an option.)

A: Agents understand that clients don’t always buy homes — even if the agent has knocked her socks off to show them everything in town. But I know your agent will appreciate knowing just how much you enjoyed working with her. And the idea of giving her a thank you gift is quite thoughtful.

There are any number of lovely gifts that would be appropriate, including a floral arrangement, gift food basket, restaurant or store gift certificate, or even some sort of photo frame or photo album.

Whatever you give her, you should also include a note that expresses your feelings and let her know you’ll be sure to call her when the time comes to buy a home.