Q: My wife and I entered into a contract to buy a pre-construction house in November. Since that time, we have done some serious thinking about the area where we bought and feel that it is not best for our children. We would like to get out of the contract (we have put down $18,000 dollars) and we would to get at least some of our money back so we can buy a house in a better area.

We have contacted the builder. They referred us to the selling agent who says there are no cancellations, even though it does not state that in our contract. How can we proceed to get out of this house?

A: You may not be able to cancel this contract. It doesn’t even sound like you have an agent, let alone an attorney who reviewed your contract before you signed it.

Please talk to a real estate attorney immediately, preferably one who has experience in new construction litigation. You can get a referral to a good attorney from your local bar association.