We’re talking tax today. Bill Nemeth and Merry Brodie are with us in the studio answering your tax questions. If you have federal or state income tax questions, such as what kinds of deductions you can take or what taxes you owe on inherited property, or how to reduce your income tax bill, give us a call (800) WSB-TALK or (404) 872-0750.

Bill Nemeth, currently president of the Atlanta Metro chapter of the Georgia Association of Enrolled Agents. He and Merry Brodie, an accountant and EA, are married and you can find him at WGnemeth@aol.com or 770-616-1638. Contact Merry at brodieme@taxdoctrine.com or (770) 446-8545.

To find an enrolled agent close to you, go to www.4gaea.org (for Georgia) or www.naea.org for anywhere else in the country.

Bill today talked about the Georgia Retirement Tax Exclusion: Here are the highlights.

The Georgia Retirement Tax Exclusion: Up to $35,000 of exclusion exempt from tax plus Social Security. Available to all seniors 62 and over. He said that when he and Merry have a senior as a client, they look back to amend the past three years of returns and get them more money back. The Georgia Retirement Tax Exclusion is available to anyone 62 or over or anyone classified as disability by Social Security. It’s on Georgia tax form 500.

Bill had a lady whose husband passed and she said we weren’t retired and there was $1,700 of refunds waiting for her. Make sure you ask for it.