IRS reminds tax payers to file on time by April 15 to avoid penalties.

Check out our previous blog entry on how you can now deduct credit and debit fees when you pay your taxes using these payment methods.

In addition to paying using credit or debit cards, you can also pay your taxes using the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System, which automatically deducts your taxes from your designated account. This may be especially useful if you live in an area with unreliable mail service. Here’s the link:,,id=97400,00.html

You can also mail a check to the IRS, made out to United States Treasury, along with the payment voucher 1040-V.

If you can’t afford to pay all the taxes you owe at one time, you can pay in installments. You can apply electronically if you owe less than $25,000. Here’s the IRS page with more info on applying to pay in installments:,,id=149373,00.html

April 10, 2009