Happy Mother’s Day to tall of the moms, aunts, grandmothers, sisters, and daughters listening to the Ilyce Glink show. I hope this Mother’s Day is a good one for you.

Because it’s Mother’s Day, I’ll make these show notes short and sweet. On the show today, I talked at length about the Ilyce Glink Makeover Your Money day which took place yesterday. It was a huge success. My thanks to WSB and the cadre of outstanding folks from there who made it all happen (Crystal, Alan, Eric, Clint, and Michael D), and of course my husband, Sam, who was running the audio and making sure we all sounded great.

Also, thanks to our sponsors: Steve Ely and Equifax; Wes Moss, Woody Alpern, Mitch Reiner and Capital Investment Advisors; Mike Rose and Bank of America, the housing and credit counselors from CCCS of Greater Atlanta, and Sarah Bolling of Legal Aid Society of Atlanta. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated their assistance in putting on this terrific day of information.

We recorded the day on video and audio and will hopefully be able to podcast the different sessions, so you tune in and hear it for yourself.

What happened on today’s Ilyce Glink Show?

On today’s show, I took a call from Mary, who is in an IRS nightmare. She hired a tax preparer who wound up getting nailed by the IRS, and the firm he was with wouldn’t step up when she got audited. The Auditor said she owed $40,000 and now things are all gummed up. I recommended that Mary call Bill Nemeth, an enrolled agent (who is licensed to represent taxpayers before the IRS) and his wife, Merry Brodie, an enrolled agent and a CPA, to see if (1) she really owes this money and (2) to help her negotiate a settlement that works so that she will still qualify for a loan modification from the new Obama plan.

For those of you who listen to the show regularly, you’ll have heard Bill and Merry on the air with us at tax time. They’re very knowledgeable and very nice – two qualities that Mary, our caller, could use at the moment.

We also took calls today from:

Joe, who wants to know how to find a good financial planner (and don’t forget to search ThinkGlink.com for “financial planner” to get links to other stories);

Nancy, whose daughter is upside down in her home, can’t decide if a refi is worth the $5,000 it will cost them, and who can’t get the lender on the phone;

Mark, whose high-end business is suffering in the recession and isn’t bringing in enough income to make it work, and who wanted to know if there was help out there for someone like him;

Steve, who got a new 30-year loan at 4 3/8 and wanted to know if there was any reason to pay it off early, since he’s already earning at least the same as he is paying out on a net basis on his savings;

Page, who made a bundle, lost nearly everything after 9/11 when he started his own business, and is now doing well in a new business, but only declares income of $19,000 on his tax returns and can’t get a home loan;

And, Ben, who owns a couple of investment properties, including a lot with a single-wide trailer on it, whose construction loan will come due in November and who is having trouble refinancing because no lender wants to finance lots these days.

All great calls. So stay tuned and we’ll let you know when we post the show.

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May 10, 2009