Hard to believe it’s almost Memorial Day. Today on the Ilyce Glink Show, I announced that I’ll be filling in for Clark Howard on Friday and Memorial Day Monday in addition to another live show next Sunday. I hope you can tune in.

Meanwhile, we had a great show today. Here are some of the highlights and follow-up links from the show:

Linda called asking about reverse mortgages. I pointed her in the direction of my articles, but you can find out more at our reverse mortgage topic page.

Several callers wanted to know about loan modifications and refinancings under the Making Home Affordable program, otherwise known as President Obama’s housing programs. Find out more at MakingHomeAffordable.gov.

There’s some confusion about what services Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Greater Atlanta offers. They have three primary missions:

Credit Counseling: CCCS of Greater Atlanta has certified credit counselors who can provide free budgeting help and assist you in figuring out whether you need to be in a debt management program (DMP) or not.

Housing Counselors: CCCS of Greater Atlanta has HUD-Certified Housing Counselors on-staff. They are the same people you’ll talk to you if you call the 888-995-HOPE hotline. They have backdoor phone numbers and channels to get through to the right people at your mortgage lender’s office to help find out if you qualify for a loan modification or refinance. They can also help you if you’re interested in reverse mortgages.

Bankruptcy Counselors: If you want to file for bankruptcy, you’ll have to have a certificate of completion from a bankruptcy counseling program. You can do this through CCCS of Greater Atlanta.

How can you contact them? Online (they work in all 50 states) at CCCSATL.org or by calling 404-527-7630

We’ll upload the show this week. And, if you didn’t have a chance to attend my Ilyce Glink’s Makeover Your Money day last weekend, you can now listen to our Makeover Your Money podcast on the website or download it to catch up on all of the great information that was shared.

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