Does your company match your all or part of your 401(k) contribution? With the economy going the way it is, some companies have been cutting back on their 401(k) account matches in order to save big bucks. For some companies, eliminating the 401(k) match means saving hundreds of millions of dollars. In a rough economy, that’s the difference between breaking even and running deeply into the red.

I’ve been hearing from more folks who are wondering whether it’s even worth it to keep investing in their 401(k) accounts, match or no match. They’re still feeling the pain of looking at their 401(k) statements each month, waiting for their funds to grow after being decimated in the recent stock market meltdown.

If that’s you – I feel your pain. And I, too, wonder whether I would have been better off investing less and spending more. But for those who listen to my shows or have perused this website, you know that I actually think investing in your 401(k) account is a great idea, whether or not you get a company match.

One of my radio talk show listeners recently queried me about whether he should invest beyond his company’s 401(k) match.