Fraud, scams, and jobs were top of mind today on the Ilyce Glink Show.

Work From Home Money Mule Job Scams

Our first call was from Mary who said that she had been having trouble finding steady employment, even with two masters degrees. She had posted her resume online and was contacted by a company that wanted her to receive packages for them and reship them. I told her it sounded like a scam, and sure enough, we heard from Greg, a fraud investigator, who confirmed that she was being solicited for a work from home money mule job scam.

Calls About Nannies, Taxes, and Au Pairs

We also had several calls on how to find a nanny, nanny taxes, and au pairs. Au pairs are a specialized form of child care, and in fact, the IRS has its own information on au pairs and taxes. Beth called the show to say that she had had several au pairs over the years and she loved them all. Her only mistake was that she should have had only German au pairs because she’s sure that her kids would now be fluent in Germany. She had au pairs from many countries, including Germany and Costa Rica. She said her cost was $270 per week, for 45 hours. They did all of the work related to the baby. The IRS website has more on au pairs.

Calls Abouts Jobs, Unemployment Benefits, and Job Training

We had a number of calls from folks who are out of work and are seeking jobs. One call was from Joe, who said he was a day labor for Manpower for one day and it eliminated his unemployment benefits. We also heard from Cathy, who said that when she worked for a temporary agency, it stopped her benefits, but she just reapplied. Eric said that people who are paid by 1099 contract aren’t eligible for unemployment benefits, and may not have enough quarters to qualify once they are paid as full-time workers and then get laid off. Bottom line: Be sure you understand what you’ll be eligible for. You can contact your state department of labor for more information.

We also fielded a call from a father who wanted to know how his kids could take advantage of job training. In each state, the department of labor offers links to job training. At the Georgia Department of Labor, you can click on the Education and Training link. That will take you to a page that lists various resources for education and training, and how to apply for them.

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