Q: My husband and I bought our first home together in 2002. In 2006, we sold this home and bought another house. This year, we refinanced the home. When we refinanced, the new mortgage was solely in my name (it was previously in both names). Would I qualify for the first-time home buyer tax credit since I have never had a mortgage solely in my name before?

A: No. The $8,000 first-time buyer federal tax credit is for someone who has either never owned a home or who hasn’t owned one in the past three years.

You currently own a home. Some states have programs that provide a home buyer tax credit for both first-time buyers and those who currently own property who purchase a replacement primary residence.

If you buy something now and live in one of these states, you may qualify. Check out this story on our website that covers the various extra tax credits being offered by different states

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