Ilyce Glink Goes to Washington, DC

Today on the Ilyce Glink show, Ilyce discussed her trip last week to Washington, DC for the National Association of Real Estate Editors (NAREE) meeting.

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HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan Speaks to the National Association of Real Estate Editors

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FHFA’s James Lockhart’s Speech and Power Point Slide Show to the National Association of Real Estate Editors

Long-Term Care Insurance

The reimagination of health care clearly has struck a note with folks wondering how long-term care insurance will fit into the picture. we took a call from Robert, wondering what is the optimal time to buy long-term care insurance (his sister was told in her 40s, and he was told older – I said 50s and even early 60s was the best time). Charla called in to tell us about a couple that had been given a long-term care policy for a wedding present and the husband wound up needed it in his late 30s. Her message – you might need it years earlier. Nancy is a nurse and works in the pharma industry. She wonders what will happen if you pay premiums for 20 years and in the meantime, the world of health care changes dramatically.

These are all important concerns, and they’ve just come up before Congress. Here are some interesting things to read:

Congress Airs Concerns on Long-Term Care Insurance

Link to Congressional Bill Regarding Long-Term Care Insurance

And on Long-Term Care Insurance

Check back for more information on long-term care insurance.

Texas Consumer Complaint Center

We got a call from Ron who is having a problem with a credit card company and an errant balance that was supposed to be paid but that the credit card company says hasn’t been paid. There has now been a summons. I suggested Ron call the Texas Consumer Complaint Center. They are the Center for Consumer Law at the University of Houston Law Center. It is staffed by personal finance and consumer law attorneys and law students and they will answer your questions. John Ventura, an attorney and bankruptcy attorney heads up the Texas CCC and he has been a guest on our show before. Check it out.