I have a checking account and a savings account, a debit card, two credit cards, six student loans, home utility accounts and just as many online accounts to keep track of all my financial information. That means that many usernames and passwords to keep track of, too.

It’s supposed to be easier to keep track of your finances online instead of managing all the paper bills that come through the mail every month. But I have definitely been a day late on a payment because I forgot to mark on my calendar to go online and pay it. I also have trouble reconciling the amount in my online checking account with the credit card bills and student loan payments at the end of the month. (Or maybe that’s just my Whole Foods habit making the checking account shrink.)

Enter programs like Mint.com, Quicken Online and Equifax Debt Wise. Those of you looking to get all your accounts in one window may want to check out Mint.com. If you have trouble tracking the cash you get out of the ATM, Quicken Online might be right for you. And for those of you who are overwhelmed with debt, Equifax’s new product Debt Wise may be able to help you trim months and interest off your payments.

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What experiences have you had with these sites? Are there other financial planning or tracking sites you like better?