Today on the Clark Howard Show, we discussed the following:

Recalls: Simplicity Cribs and Aqua Leisure baby floats were recalled this week. You can find out the latest recalls at

Jobs and Unemployment: We’re at a 26-year high and the numbers aren’t getting any better. National unemployment is at 9.5 percent. But what about the millions of people who have just given up? By some estimates, unemployment is actually at 18 percent.

Dismal new construction and home sales numbers (we’re at an annual sales rate lower than even in 1965 for new construction sales). Why do I think we did a little better this spring? Super-low interest rates.

What you can learn from Michael Jackson’s financial life. You need a will. You need to spend less than you earn. And, you need to be really clear about guardianships for your kids.

New 125% refinancing rules announced Wednesday from the FHFA and Fed. Now you can refinance – except with higher fees and a super-high interest rate you may not want to.

We’re also discussing when and how to decide to refinance.

I’ll be online during the show, posting updates to today’s show notes. Above all, I hope you have a happy fourth of July weekend.

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