Scam artists not only steal money from the people they’re targeting, but they also create negative impressions around the whole industry or group of people they’re impersonating.

The latest scam alert from the FBI revolves around scam artists using a telephone relay service to charge money to a stolen credit card for car repairs and shipping fees, then ask for the shipping fees to be wired back. By the time the auto repair shop realizes the credit card was stolen it’s too late, and they’re responsible for the damages.

This not only causes monetary damage for these business owners, but the scam artists are generating negative impressions around anyone who might call the business in the future using the relay system. The Telecommunications Relay System, required under the Americans with Disabilities Act, is a valuable service for many people with hearing and speech impairments. To further interrupt these people’s communication process because of a wiring money scam is even more of a crime.

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