Plasma, flat screen, LCD. It seems like TV technology changes every other week. The latest and greatest comes from a company I had never even heard of, but their product doesn’t seem to disappoint.

Vivitek debuted it’s new LED projector at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. Their newest TV projector is the greenest technology on the market.

The compact projector has no lamp and thus no mercury in it like the average projector. This feature, along with other green technology, makes it environmentally friendly.

It also has incredibly high image quality at 1080P, meaning this projector has the highest resolution possible.

Plus, if you can clear a 120 inch (diagonally) space in your house, the projector will fill it with its display. It’s like having a movie theater in your house.

The price is a bit steep for most consumers–$19,995–but it should drop eventually. Looks like I’m stuck at the movie theater while I wait for a big price drop.

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