There’s a new product that should have movie lovers and environmentalists alike looking forward to a night in.

Vivitek Corporation has introduced its latest LED projector at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January. This “revolutionary” TV and movie projector is the best in quality as well as the greenest projector on the market according to Sam Malik, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the Vivitek Corporation.

“This is totally new technology that we’re introducing,” Malik said

The projector boasts 1080P, which is the highest resolution you can have for a home movie theater. It’s also considered the greenest projector because there’s no lamp, which means no harmful mercury inside the projector, and no need to replace a lamp every year or so.

In fact, because it uses new green LED technology, the Vivitek projector lasts for more than 20 thousand hours or about nine years.

The new technology also allows you to watch movies right away, without the start-up or cool-down times of previous projector TVs. “This projector turns on instantly like a light bulb and you’re ready to use it immediately,” Malik said.

Bright colors, fast startup and green technology might sound like an entertainment center dream, but you better check the price tag before you pull out your wallet.

“This is probably not the everyday consumer product,” Malik said, “It’s priced at $19,995. So it’s kind of the higher end.”

Malik predicts that the first round of Vivitek projectors will be purchased by actors, doctors, lawyers and other well-off entertainment junkies. He says the average movie lover doesn’t have to worry though, because Malik believes a more affordable price will come out soon.

When that price eventually does drop, buyers still need to make sure they have room for this new entertainment center. While the projector can run at 60 inches diagonal, the optimal size is between a 100 inch or 120 inch display screen.

“This is exactly like having a movie theater in your home,” Malik said. “It’s the same resolution that you would see in a theater, but now this is the first time you can actually put that in your house.”

With BluRay DVDs becoming more popular, and a night out at the movie theater getting more expensive, this projector literally brings the movie theater experience to your home entertainment center.

“You get that perfect image on the screen, and the convenience of being able to stay home and enjoy a good movie with the children and just relax and enjoy it in your own environment,” Malik said.

Just add popcorn and it sounds like the perfect night in.

To learn more about the Vivitek projector watch this video from the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show: