Today on the Ilyce Glink Show, Ilyce talked about the minimum wage increase (and who to call to find out whether you qualify), the stock market surge, cash for clunkers scams to avoid, $8,000 federal tax credit, Georgia State Tax Credit, and the DeKalb Down Payment Assistance Programs. She also took questions from callers like Tom who is upside down on his mortgage and needs to put a lot of money into his house to make it liveable. Ilyce says he may be able to try a short sale, but if he has any assets, his lender may be able to claim his assets to make up for what he owes on the house. Ilyce suggested talking to a lawyer or tax advisor to plan the best course. Another caller said that she’s been able to hire contractors and get home repairs done for very low prices, since so many contractors are looking for work right now. For a caller who is struggling to get back on his feet after 2 years of unemployment and $25,000 in debt, Ilyce recommends meeting with the CCCS of Greater Atlanta for a budgeting and counseling session. Listen to answers to these questions and more on the podcast and go to Ilyce’s blog for more show notes and helpful links.


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