Imagine technology that would allow you to know if someone breaks into your second home while you’re sitting in your office. Technology that lets you know the kids got in from school when you are away from home. Look no further than Cernium Corporations’ latest product: Archerfish.

Archerfish is the first mobile video intelligence application available to consumers that uses a technology called video analytics.

According to Craig Chambers, President and CEO of Cernium, Archerfish is basically computer vision. “What we’ve done is taken industrial technology and bring it down into the consumer level,” Chambers said.

Cernium Corporations has spent nearly 10 years on the industrial side of this technology, but now they are appealing to consumers with small, easy to use surveillance equipment. “What used to take stacks and stacks of computers can now be done on one chip” Chambers says.

The Archerfish kit comes with a base unit, two mini cameras and cables. The base unit is a small network device that acts as the brains behind the entire operation. Up to four cameras can be connected to the base unit, and all of the video they collect is controlled online.

The system is currently selling at $2,499 and while it may sound like a simple nanny cam, it is actually much more.

You tell Archerfish the types of events you want to see, and it records them, then sends those events to you anywhere you have a browser connection. In short, if someone broke into your house, you could be notified on your cell phone, and relay that information to local police.

“What we give you the ability to do is to very narrowly scope down to the kinds of things that are very interesting to you so you’re not overwhelmed with messages,” Chambers says. The key difference between Archerfish and other video recording surveillance technology is Archerfish doesn’t send video if nothing is happening.

The technology allows the device to decipher events, and only notify you when the thing you want to see actually occurs.

As far as storing video goes, you control the events you keep and save the information you want on There is room for 300 events or 50 megabytes of video online, but you can also purchase additional storage if it’s necessary.

Because you manage all of this online, you can easily change your settings any time you want anywhere you get Internet.

For anyone that thinks this whole thing sounds a little bit Big Brother-ish, Chambers argues this technology is just the opposite, “Instead of having someone else monitor all of your video, you have complete control over it,” he says.

Complete control to monitor your home, office, second home or even your kids in the basement. The possibilities from this home surveillance technology are seemingly endless.

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