Show Notes for the Clark Howard Show — July 31, 2008

Today, Ilyce Glink fills in for Clark Howard

Time to go shopping

It’s a tax-free weekend for Georgia.

With this tax-free weekend you can go shopping for:
* Clothing under $100
* Computers/computer equipment under $1500
* School supplies under $20

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Digital Cable Costs

We had a caller wondering about her cable bill and why she had to pay an extra fee for more cable boxes and what it all meant.
We did a little digging and found that a lot more people got confused when everything switched over to digital and HD signals. It looks like with the switch over to digital, if you want to receive a cable TV signal or an HD signal, you need a special cable box or an HD box. Comcast is providing two free boxes or cable converters per household. There will be a charge for more boxes. Also note that digital does not necessarily mean HD. If you want to receive a high def signal for your HD TVs, you may need to get a special cable plan and pay an extra fee.

For more information about the Comcast cable plan, check out this story from The Seattle Times.

Visit or your local cable provider website for details on your local plan and fees.

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Free WiFi at Barnes and Noble!

The next time you visit Barnes & Noble, bring your laptop along and camp out in the cafe, because they’re now offering free WiFi. Visit for more information.

Taken Advantage of by your Bank or Credit Union?

We just got a call from Roger. He bought a motorcycle with financing from the dealer, but then he called a credit union to inquire about refinancing the motorcycle loan. He sent in some paperwork and a W2, but without even consulting him, the credit union paid off his old loan. Roger says he never signed any paperwork.

Now, the credit union is holding him over a barrel. He’s being given a choice of accepting a motorcycle loan at 8.5 percent, a personal loan at 18.5 percent, or paying off the loan in full immediately.

This really raises the hair on my neck. I think this credit union is staffed with a bunch of idiots! (and I don’t use that term normally)

Here’s what Roger (and anyone who is being taken advantage of by a lender) needs to do:
1. Call the Georgia Dept. of Banking and Finance at 770-986-1633 and file a complaint
2. Call the Governor’s Office of Consumer Affairs at 404-651-8600
3. File a complaint with the Credit Union National Association
4. File a fair trade complaint with
5. Call the Georgia Attorney General’s Office at (404) 656-3300

Talk to a Housing Counselor About Refinance Options

Justina just called the show, because her house is under water. She has an 80/20 interest-only 5/1 ARM and a 600 credit score.

The best thing she can do is contact the Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Greater Atlanta and meet with a HUD-certified counselor to discuss her options.

She needs to contact their housing counselor and set up an appointment with a budget counselor to see if there’s anything else she can do.