Today on the Clark Howard Show – August 6, 2009

1. Deutsche Bank published a study yesterday called “Drowning in Debt – a Look at “Underwater” Homeowners.. The study found that 26 percent of homeowners owed more than their house was worth in March, 2009. But by 2011, nearly half of all homeowners (48 percent) will be underwater with their mortgage, and owe more than the house is worth. Why did this happen? In a word, it’s all about home equity. U.S, consumers have been greatly enriched by rising home values coupled with “easy credit,” enabling them to monetize their home equity early and often. Some economists estimate that homeowners were extracting 25 to 30 percent of every dollar of increase in home equity, primarily for consumption — hello Gucci, Prada, Coach and Tiffany’s. The Joint Center for Housing Studies reports that home equity has fallen an average of 43 percent from 2005 peak levels to 2008.

2. Are women sick of being frugal? Aside from the obvious sexist nature of this study, a new study from Boston Consulting Group found that pets, sex, and food make women happier than shopping. BCG asked 12,000 women in 21 countries what makes them extremely happy and came up with the following: Pets (42%); Sex (27%); Food (19%); Shopping (5%); Other (5%) and the Economy (2% – must be people who are married to short sellers on Wall Street or who have shorted the markets themselves).

The Chicago Tribune reported that 27 percent of women say they are sick of penny pinching and are ready to splurge on new clothes, vacation, a night out, and decorating their home. The study showed 48 percent of women say they can afford to splurge but it has to be “different or special.” And, 50 percent of teen girls say they would cut back on little things so they could afford the one expensive item they want. Let’s hear it for deferred gratification.

3. Mortgage rates fall to 5.22 percent for a 30-year fixed rate mortgage – first time in 3 weeks. The 15-year averaged 4.63 percent for the week. The Fed is still trying to push down long-term interest rates.

4. Initial jobless claims fell more than economists predicted. Applications dropped to 550,000. It’s the fifth time claims have been under 600,000 since January. The number of people collecting unemployment insurance to 6.3 million. The pace of job cuts isn’t slowing fast enough to keep unemployment from rising. Economists predict the jobless rate will rise nationally to the highest point in 26 years. And that’s the OFFICIAL number, not the much-bigger UNOFFICIAL number (the U-6).

And, let’s not forget that more than a half million people lost their jobs this past month. By any stretch of the imagination, a perfectly awful number.

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Georgia Neighborhood Stabilization Program

Rodriguez wanted to know about the Georgia Neighborhood Stabilization Program. Here’s where to go to for more information:

Please feel free to contact Brian Williamson at (404) 679-1587 for more on the general policies for NSP 2.

FHA 203(k) Program Link

Here’s a link to more information about this program on the website.. We’ve also put up this helpful article about 203(k) programs on our site.

Green Tax Credits

John is building a concrete house using insulated concrete. His house will have an enviable energy efficiency rating of R-45. He wanted to know what green tax credits he’d qualify for. He’s not putting in solar panels, a geothermal heating unit or some of the other heavyweight credits – too bad since he’d get 30 percent of the price paid for. Still, here’s a link to the available tax credits on the EnergyStar website.