Ilyce hosted a live web chat for, taking questions and discussing job search strategies in this difficult economy. Watch the video below or visit to see more of the questions.

Bradley:How do you go about getting a job after re-inventing when prospective employers want experience?

Ilyce:If you have work experience, the trick is to remake your experience so it is relevant to a future employer.

If you don’t have any experience, then you have to go find some. You might want to volunteer with a nonprofit trade association that’s in your chosen industry or work for smaller companies to build up your resume.

None of this is a magic bullet, but it all helps toward learning how to market yourself in business.

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Kelly: The other day you mentioned that Dubai had plenty of job opportunities and I am very interested in finding out more. What legitimate websites or information can you give me to follow so I can follow up. I am unemployed and single, and actually would enjoy an opportunity to work abroad at this time in my life. I am actually very interested.

Ilyce:There are many companies that hire U.S. workers for positions in other country. If you’re most interested in working in Dubai, you may want to contact the Dubai embassy to discuss whether they have listings of companies in Dubai that hire foreigners. You should also investigate local and national companies that have operations in Dubai and may be hiring Americans to fill positions there. The Internet and your local library will be the place to start your research.

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