Ilyce Glink Show Notes – September 6, 2009

Credit Card Misbehavior.

Thomas called to say that his credit card company offered him a 7 percent lifetime rate on the card. Now, they want to raise it to 11 percent – too bad for Thomas. Is this fair? Hardly. But it strikes my memory that the same thing happened in New York and Andrew Cuomo, the Attorney General, was litigating it. I’ll try to find out and provide an update.

If this is happening to you, please contact:

  • Your State Dept of Banking and Finance (In Georgia, Georgia Dept. of Banking and Finance: 770-986-1633)
  • Your State office of Consumer affairs (Governor’s office of Consumer Affairs: (404) 651-8600)
  • Attorney General’s Office

Old Credit, New Credit.

Jamie had old credit card debt from 1996 that fell off his credit history in 2004. He just received a 1099 for the debt amount from a debt collector. Does he havce to pay it? This is an interesting new twist on a debt collector’s moves. Do you have to pay taxes on an old debt? You might, if it was reported as a chargeoff. Is there a statute of limitations issue? Perhaps.

I told Jamie to get in touch with the Texas Consumer Complaint Center which is staffed by law students from the Law School at the University of Houston. I’ll also do some research and see if I can come up with an answer as well.

Taylor Bean & Whitaker

Nothing has slowed down here. Check out these stories for more details on the Taylor Bean & Whitaker problems.

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VA Loan Modification and Loan Modification Hell

So many people are feeling like they’re in loan modification hell. Yikes!

We got a call from John whose nephew bought a house and has a $112,000 mortgage. The house is worth $60,000. The nephew has lost his job and was turned down for a loan modification from the NACA folks. They told him to call the VA directly.

That’s good advice. If you have a VA loan, contact the VA directly to get information about a VA Loan Modification or a Streamline Modification. There should be no fees.

I’m filling in for Clark Howard tomorrow – Hope you can join us. In the meantime, HAPPY LABOR DAY!!!