We just posted the latest update to the confusing situation with failed mortgage servicer Taylor Bean Whitaker. According to the director of mortgage supervision for the Georgia Department of Banking and Finance, TBW has been to a hearing at bankruptcy court and has been given a deadline of October 31 to figure out who is going to be servicing which loans.

From your comments emails, and phone calls, we know it is very frustrating for all of you who are trying to make your mortgage payment, but don’t know who to make the check out to, or don’t know where your money has been going. But at least now there is a date set to have this all sorted out. Please read the full update on Taylor Bean and Whitaker given a deadline at bankruptcy court.

Take a look at the Taylor Bean and Whitaker topic page and check out all the other updates. We may have more recent information, but join in the conversation going on in the comment section. You may find someone with the same problem, or someone who can help you out.

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