We spoke today with Sandra Sheley, director of mortgage supervision for the Georgia Department of Banking and Finance, for an update on Taylor Bean & Whitaker. Sheley said that on Sept. 11, there was a hearing in the bankruptcy court to address who would service what loans (many customers have been getting notices from two new, different loan services) as well as who will handle the deposit accounts holding escrow funds. The judge ordered, and the both sides agreed, that the service of those accounts will be resolved by Oct. 31.

We had a question from a reader who works at a title company wondering what to do with the recorded deeds of trust and final title policies. Sheley said it will be a waiting game on that end, as well. “Hopefully all those issues will be solved by Oct. 31,” she said. “The can contact Taylor Bean in the meantime, but I think it’s just as easy for them to wait.”

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