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Unemployment numbers up and down, but new jobs are elusive

Seven million jobs have been lost since 2007. Banks have recorded more than $1.6 trillion in losses and write downs. While President Obama says the economy is going to start growing again, he is leaving it to Ben Bernanke to decide officially when the recessioni s over.

My problem is that I don’t think the official “end” of the recession is going to make everything feel better anytime soon for folks who live on Main Street. Until the unemployment numbers start to come down, it’s going to feel extremely pressured for everyone. President Obama says the country won’t see substantial job growth until late 2010 – at the earliest.

Unemployment number highlights (or low points):

Michigan’s unemployment rate 15.2 percent;

Nevada: 13.2 percent;

Rhode Island: 12.8 percent;

California and Oregon: 12.2 percent.

Forty-two states lost jobs last month, up from 29 in July. Biggest net payroll cuts were in Texas, Michigan, Georgia and Ohio. Georgia’s unemployment rate fell slightly to 10.2 percent (from 10.3 percent in July), but the state Labor Dept. said that the report should not be read as a sign that the labor market has been improving.

The unemployment calculator does not include anyone who goes back to school, stays home with kids, or becomes too discouraged to look. It also doesn’t include anyone who took a part-time job because they took a full-time job, or independent contractors who are essentially running their own shops (with or without jobs) without the benefits.

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We had a caller to the show who wanted to know when is the smartest time to make a mortgage prepayment. Take a look at these stories:

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There are more than 40 articles up on the site about prepaying your mortgage. Go to the SEARCH box and type in “prepaying mortgage” and you can read to your heart’s content.

How to Profit From Foreclosures

Holly called the show to find out how she can allow some of her employees to profit with the next commercial property she buys. I suggested she join me on October 24, 2009 for our next event, How to Profit From Foreclosures.

Holly, and other folks interested in investing in real estate, might want to start a separate LLC for a new commercial real estate purchase, and give selected employees the opportunity to be come limited members of the corporation while Holly would be the managing partner. (For more details on limited liability companies, simply go to the SEARCH box and type in “LLC” and up will pop hundreds of stories that discuss LLCs and how investors use them.”

The Georgia Association of Enrolled Agents will be at our Foreclosure event on October 24th, and will be happy to answer questions about how this might work, what are the pros and cons of such a move, and how you’d have to report it to the IRS.

There may also be other options for Holly, such as simply setting up a profit-sharing plan. But that’s what this day is all about. If you’re interested in buying foreclosures to live in or invest in, you’ll want to meet our experts and have them answer all of your real estate investing questions.

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Georgia Home Buyer Tax Credit

Here’s the link for two stories on various states that have created tax credits to complement the federal $8,000 first-time home buyer tax credit (which is currently scheduled to end on November 30, 2009):

Georgia Joins The Ranks of States Offering Tax Credits

State Tax Credits and Incentives for Home Buyers Please note that California’s tax credits for new construction have ended.

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Taylor Bean Whitaker Mortgage Company Update

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