Tonight on the Herman Cain Show

Ilyce Glink filled in. She’s in Atlanta for her event on Saturday, HOW TO PROFIT FROM FORECLOSURES. She offered Herman’s listeners a SPECIAL discount.

How To Profit From Foreclosures – This SATURDAY, October 24, 2009 at the Renaissance Waverly 9a to 3p

Go to the HOW TO PROFIT FROM FORECLOSURES website and use the discount code herman and you’ll receive 25 percent off the ticket price.

Hope to see you on Saturday.

Should the Pay Czar Cut the Pay of TARP Recipients?

Today, the White House announced that its pay czar would cut the pay of the top executives at TARP-recipient banks up to 90 percent. Good idea? Bad idea? Herman’s listeners had a STRONG reaction. What do you think?

Craig called to say he’s a small business owner who has lost 35 percent of his business and laid off 7 of 15 workers. He’s disgusted by the laws being enacted. And, all of the new taxes.

Jeff said that Obama has it right. He thinks all of the guys who are running these companies should have to continue to run them WITHOUT pay in LIEU of going to jail.

Myles said he works for Bank of America and he thinks it’s a little unfair that the guys running these places (like Ken Lewis, President of Bank of America) are getting dinged when the problem started in the Reagan era. I said a lot of the trouble happened in the past 7 years, since 9/11.

Henry said he has a problem with the whole idea that we’re just walking all over the contract process. I said that in bankruptcy court, a judge could gut the contract and it’s hard to argue these companies (HELLO AIG) aren’t bankrupt – still.

Hayes said there are plenty of other things we should be thinking about and this whole pay czar thing is a distraction.

Jon said he doesn’t disagree with my idea that anyone who earns $21 million a year is overpaid, but said that the banks made money prior to the subprime crisis and would again.

We’ll post the show so that you can hear all of the other comments.