Parade Magazine published a survey this morning that looked at how people have changed because of the recession. Some of the findings:

The Recession Hits Home

79% have personally felt its impact
80% say they’ve had to do more with less.
73% have had to make unexpected changes
42% delayed or canceled their vacations
27% pursued extra work to make money

Americans See Benefits, Too

52% are forming stronger bonds with spouses
63% have become more do-it-yourself
30% are volunteering more for charities

What about you? Have you made any changes because of the recession?

Charles said he was looking forward to retirement. But his income changed and while grateful he didn’t have any debt, he had to go back to work. His new business is doing great, but he has cut his spending by 70%.

Brian said he thinks that when history looks back we will see this post-recession time as a major point of change for our culture. He is watching a total shift going on (he owns a retail store) and thinks we’re not going to back to where we were any time soon.

Karen looks for deals everywhere, especially in the grocery store.

Matthew has always paid cash, but has watched how things have gone over the past 10 years and wondered how people were paying for things.

Carmen called from Lilburn to say that she has always lived within her means and put money away, but is now encouraging her 48 nieces and nephew and 38 grand-nieces and nephews to do the same – $100 per pay period if they can.

Robert said his big change happened in 1999. He married a woman from Eastern Europe who was penniless. She cut ALL of their spending. He was able to pay off the house he purchased in 1996 by 2006.

What kinds of changes have you seen because of the recession? Have you changed? Leave your comments here.


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